Zwischen zwei Welten (Between two worlds)

The german island Hiddensee has been a place of yearning for generations – the northernmost tip of East Germany. Here, artists and pensioners, dropouts and big shots populate the beach. It’s an area that has been undergoing change for 30 years – some things changed, some remained. One can spot million-dollar villas in the heath, and old houses of GDR fishermen elsewhere.
This photo series captures traces of times bygone that stubbornly continue into today. Nora Klein encountered memories of the old days. The remoteness of the island has ensured that this microcosm has changed only slowly visually. Now, two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, visitors can still view the furnishings of the old times, alongside dated architecture and built landscapes. Just like a declaration of love, the photos capture what was once important and still is, and leave out what seems superfluous.